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5 GREAT Uses of Natural Essential Oil–Lavender

Posted by Daisy Ma on 3/25/2011 to Aromatherapy Herbs & Essential Oils
Lavender is from the Latin verb lavare, meaning “to wash.” And who wouldn’t want to be “washed” over by the cleansing, aromatic scent of L. augustifolia? With it’s healing and antiseptic qualities as well as aesthetic beauty, lavender has been prized for centuries. Five great uses of lavender oil–a natural essential oils include:

Neem Oil: Summer skin’s new best friend

Posted by Daisy Ma on 3/15/2011 to Aromatherapy Herbs & Essential Oils
Neem? Unless you are from South or Southern Asia, this unfamiliar sounding name is a mystery. But there is no mystery in the power it has against mosquitos, skin inflammations and even gum disease…just to name a few

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