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What’s the difference between dry, oily and sensitive skin? Might you have them all?

Posted by Daisy Ma on 2/25/2011 to Natural Skin Care
When it comes to skin types, there are differences and sometimes combinations that can confuse even the best of us. In choosing natural care products, it is good to know which ones will best suit your skin’s needs.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ~ The Beauty Elixir

Posted by Daisy Ma on 2/15/2011 to Aromatherapy Herbs & Essential Oils
For centuries, natives of India and the Pacific Islands have been noted for their beautifully thick, long hair and glowing skin. What’s their secret?It’s definitely in their diet. It’s definitely on their bodies. It’s definitely the humble coconut.Coconut meat and especially the extra virgin coconut oil are the champions of beauty products.

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