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Product Reviews:

The Vegan Consultant: The second product I tried and LOVED is their relaxing Laverest Nasal Wand. This little wand is really fantastic! Yesterday before my business meetings I took a few deep breathes and felt really relaxed, calm and more focused. I highly recommend this product for a quick relaxing moment on the go.

Paige Newman: I have been thoroughly enjoying pampering myself with Foreue (pronounced “for you”) natural skin and personal care products lately. I’ve had the pleasure of using LeMudd Clay Masque, which makes your skin feel smooth and clean, and washes off very easily, without making a mess.

Amanda Eats --> I've been using Replenish for less than a week and I can see a difference in my face already. It doesn't have an SPF so I've been using it at night. It's perfect. It doesn't make my skin oily, and even though it's light, my skin feels soft and looks bright and glowy.

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Vegans Have Taste Buds Too And, if you’re thinking about trying out some of Foreue’s stuff, DO IT! I’ve tried a few of their products myself (reviews to come…) and I absolutely love them!

Recent Giveaways with Reviews:

Leslie Loves Veggies Foreue Room Fresheners are designed to deodorize and freshen your home naturally with no chemicals! The Limewood fragrance is clean and refreshing and perfect for my kitchen, bath, living room and bedroom.  It’s not overpowering or perfume-y.  It doesn’t smell like a big ‘cover-up’.  It smells clean and fresh!

Sweeps4Bloggers It’s so nice to have a room freshener that isn’t an aerosol. The natural juniper scent is lovely and doesn’t have that fake chemical smell that is so common with air fresheners. The scent is there, but isn’t at all overpowering. This particular scent is especially nice near the cat box.

The masque is fabulous. The thick and creamy muddy texture feels great on my skin and is fun to use. It is designed to detox the skin. I don’t have acne, but still like to detox. The masque does a great job and leaves my skin feeling fresh.

All Products are VEGAN, Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly and Contain NO Preservatives

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