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Becoming a Creature of [Good Skin] Habit

Posted by Jena Mazzio on 6/22/2011 to Natural Skin Care
My daily routine is pretty monotonous: wake up; get dressed; brush teeth; do hair; apply makeup; pack lunch; feed pets; drive to work; drive home from work; cook dinner; run errands; work on household chores; get a shower; go to bed; wake up the next day and do it all over again. Pretty unremarkable, I’ll admit, but, like many people who have to juggle multiple responsibilities, I’ve become a creature of habit and for me, it works. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly habits keep me focused on my goals and help me to create some sort of order out of the chaos of life. 

It’s hard to pin down the exact amount of time that it takes to form new habits. Some say 21 days. Some say 66 days. Some say more. Some say less. But one thing’s for certain – when it comes to incorporating new habits into your routine, repetition is key. 

What habits do you maintain everyday that affect your skin, either positively or negatively? If you’d like to make taking better care of your skin a bigger priority in your life, why not try incorporating some of these skin-healthy habits into your routine: 

Always wear sunscreen. Sure, you probably slather on some SPF when you’re headed to the beach or the pool, but how about when you’re gardening or even just driving in your car? The sun’s rays are active at all times of the year, so make sure you’re using sunscreen everyday to get full protection from their damaging effects. 

Drink plenty of water. Water is essential for every function that occurs in our bodies. Drinking enough water keeps skin hydrated and may help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Experts recommend getting 8 glasses a day. 

Manage stress. When we’re under stress, hormones are released into our bodies which can manifest on our skin as rosacea, rashes, redness, acne, blemishes and under-eye circles. Mediation, exercise, aromatherapy and reorganizing priorities can help to reduce the effects of stress in our lives. 

Sleep. It’s easy to get stuck in “go” mode and deprive ourselves of sleep in order to get thing accomplished, but sleep is essential to allow our bodies to rejuvenate. Try to get at least 7 hours of restful sleep each night. 

Eat your vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide a boost of vitamins and minerals that can make your skin glow with health. Try snacking on raw fruit and vegetables throughout your day or experiment with some new recipes to incorporate them into your meals. 

See a dermatologist. Just as important as yearly physicals for our health, an annual visit to a dermatologist can recognize potential problems, address any skin-related issues you may have and offer advice for keeping your skin looking its best. 

If you’ve formed the not-so-great habit of smoking, try to make a conscious effort to quit. As if the new, graphic warning labels that, beginning this fall, will appear on every pack of cigarettes sold in the US aren’t enough of a reminder of the damage you’re doing, just take a closer look in the mirror. Wrinkles, thin, saggy skin and a pale, dry or sallow complexion are some of the dramatic effects smoking can have on your skin – many of which will lessen once you kick the habit. 

Forming new healthy skin habits doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does take effort. Try to incorporate one or two new habits into your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly routine. Soon, they will be a permanent part of what you do and your skin will thank you! 

About The Author:

Jena Mazzio is a newly-turned ethical vegan. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two dogs and two cats and is currently having a blast discovering and writing about the many vegan products available today, on her blog, Vegans Have Taste Buds, Too! (
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